Phytodess Products

Phytodess uses sustainable and locally-sourced ingredients from all over the world to promote healthy, strong hair. These products contain, on average, 80% ingredients of natural origin, including: clays, essential oils, trace elements, marine and botanical extracts, precious metals and stones, and botanical-origin cleansing bases.

Biologist and founder of the NGO Man & Nature, Olivier Behra, travels around the world looking for ingredients to use in Phytodess products. Mindful of developing a purchasing policy more respectful of Mankind and the Environment, the brand pays particular attention to the selection of its suppliers and seeks to assist them toward “more positive channels” for biodiversity and local communities.

Phytodess products are systematically tested and validated by the Dessange Hair Research and Training Centers.

More information about Phytodess can be found here.